The AJ Project

In order to uphold the unadulterated reality of the past, devoid of reconstructions orchestrated by AI. 



Prior to the advent of photography in the 1840s, our perception of the world was limited to subjective interpretations through paintings, drawings, and historical narratives.

Post-1840s, photography bestowed upon us an objective portrayal of reality, capturing light and immortalizing moments. Emerging from the depths of obscurity, early photographs captivated with their enigmatic beauty, while also evoking fears of the potential soul-stealing power they possessed.

However, the passage of time has been unkind to these photographic treasures, with over half of them succumbing to destruction and loss. Aesthetic choices and capricious fate determined the survival of select images from the past, while tragedies such as fires and floods mercilessly erased irreplaceable visual records.

This continuous process of aesthetic and inadvertent curation will persist, as paper images of yesteryears are destined to fade away, carried off by the winds of time. Yet, within this fleeting art form lies an invaluable sentimental worth that transcends monetary value, and offers today a genuine glimpse into the era of our ancestors.



We embark on a journey to rediscover lost and forgotten photographs, scattered across the realms of the real world – concealed in unlikely places, discarded, and disregarded, their negatives forever lost. We emerge as their saviours.

From the nascent days of photography to the pre-digitalization era that could compromise their objectivity.

Those preserved within complete narratives.

Those that command our attention.

Incorporating the universal need for memories: for without our collective efforts, these moments will dissipate, lost in the ebb and flow of time, akin to tears vanishing in the rain.

Together, we become custodians of the visual mosaic, crafting our legacy through the treasured fragments of the past.


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Free from the Austrians
NFT #AJ0022

Girls in black
NFT #AJ0002

Plane Crash
NFT #AJ0045

Group Photo
NFT #AJ0031

The departure of the Askari
NFT #AJ0027

Whale Carcass
NFT #AJ0020

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